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Cupping in Glen Carbon

CuppingCupping is an aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine, using a natural approach to reduce muscle tightness and promote tissue healing. It can often be an effective adjunct to chiropractic care, and we are pleased to offer our Superior Chiropractic & Rehab patients this pain relieving therapy.

What Is It?

Originating in China, cupping has been used for thousands of years. The therapy involves placing cups open-side down on the skin over areas of muscle tightness and discomfort. Using heat, the cups are suctioned onto your skin—the suction pulls the skin up and “traps” the blood in that area to remain there while the cup is in place. This allows more time for your tissues to absorb the oxygen and other healing nutrients in the blood.

Allowing your tissues to absorb more oxygen and nutrients helps stimulate tissue repair. It can also help to reduce pain, inflammation and muscle tightness.

Helping People of All Ages Thrive

Based on a thorough examination, including digital posture analysis and movement screening, Dr. Brad will create a care plan customized to help you reach your individual goals. If cupping can benefit you, he will recommend it as part of your plan.

Most people have muscle tightness that can benefit from this type of therapy, and Dr. Brad will explain how it may help in your circumstances.

When we lay out your care plan, we’ll go over every therapy that it includes, and you’ll know exactly how much you’ll pay at each appointment, so there are never any surprise add-ons or hidden fees.

What to Expect

We’ll do your chiropractic adjustment first, followed by cupping. Although it’s not painful, you may experience slight discomfort during your session as a result of the suction.

You may also have bruise-like marks on your skin. These are normal reactions and nothing to worry about. They’ll fade in a few days.

Discover if it’s Right for You

Contact us today to book your new patient exam and learn more about how natural, gentle cupping therapy could help you find the relief you’re seeking.

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